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“Find The Beginning!” is the first episode of Nonexistent Living and the first episode overall. It was originally going to be released on July 15, 2019, but was moved to May 29, 2019.


After Magic Wand decided to cancel Animatical Gadgets, also known as the old Nonexistent Living, he decided to bring it back again. Everyone gets an invitation to go to Nonexistent Avenue, to start the first challenge, and there  are also new characters such as Twig, Toilet Paper, and Mug. The contestants first challenge is to come back to Nonexistent Avenue, after Thing teleports them back at a certain place. 


Before the intro and title card[]

Medal and Toilet Paper are walking near Nonexistent Avenue, rejoicing about how smart it is that Magic Wand is bringing back Nonexistent Living while holding a gold-colored ticket containing an invitation to the event. Medal thanks Toilet Paper for joining the cast, but Toilet Paper brushes it off, asking Medal how long it is until they make it to Nonexistent Avenue, Medal assuming five minutes. Toilet Paper proposes a race under the guise of getting there faster. They begin racing. After that, Thing calls out towards Magic Wand, calling him by a nickname, noting that Medal and Toilet Paper were arriving. Magic Wand is pleased at their arrival, but is displeased at Thing's nicknaming. Money Bag, sitting on the ground, asks what is happening and why they are here. Magic Wand replies that he'll explain it. Twig states that he doesn’t even know why he is here. Magic Wand replies by saying that they'll know soon.

After that, Medal comes back from running and Speech Bubble says that he hasn’t seen him in a long time. Medal agrees with him, Toilet Paper in tow, giving the excuse that he went the wrong way at first to explain his loss. Ruler expresses that he can relate. Candle approaches Sharpener and asks what took him so long to come, Candle replying that he has better things to do, infuriating Thermometer. Magic Wand tells them to not begin arguing before the object show starts, Mug making comments on how it's one of those reality shows that focus mainly or arguments. Thing chimes in, saying that he has prepared the challenge. Magic Wand introduces Nonexistent Living, Thing slowly clapping to make up for the lack of applause. Picture Frame replies that she would win the contest anyway, so a competition was not needed. Lampshade immediately reacts by pointing out her lack of participation a in the original Nonexistent Living. Smartie agrees that she has a point. Magic Wand says that everybody needs to follow him for the challenge. Mug says that it’ll be difficult for Toilet Paper, referring to his comment on him losing the way.

After the title card[]

Note is seen walking with Sharpener, expressing excitement, questioning Sharpener about whether he shares his feelings or not. He sarcastically replies that he does. Note proposes his idea for an alliance, but is quickly turned down by Sharpener, leaving Note distraught as he wished to become friends. Speech Bubble, Ruler and Picture Frame are walking. Speech Bubble communicates that he thinks that he’ll be in the show for a long period of time, Ruler agreeing with him. Picture Frame interrupts them, saying that she is going to win. After a comment on her confidence, she repeats her statement, mentioning a plan. Ruler asks about her plan but Picture Frame refuses to talk about it, additionally denying his attempt to help. Magic Wand appears and asks Thing to explain the challenge for him. The contestants were tasked to to find Nonexistent Avenue, being teleported by 13 copies of thing. Toilet Paper says that it's going to be easy and briefly fights with Thermometer. Money Bag asks Thing the rules of the challenge, only getting the response that you have to press the buzzer. The challenge begins.

The Challenge[]

Picture Frame is teleported near the beginning and presses the buzzer immediately. Magic Wand notices how quickly Picture Frame arrived back to the buzzers and asks her about it. She replies that Thing teleported her near the buzzers, causing Magic Wand to get angry and tell Thing that he'll deal with him when the challenge is over.

Toilet Paper is next to get teleported to his spot. He tells Thing that he is going to go now, waving him away. Thing offers a hint, but Toilet Paper decides to go without it. Ruler and Sharpener get teleported afterwards, a few feet away from each other. Ruler notices this and asks Sharpener if they could work together for this challenge. At first, Sharpener retorts with a no, but he then changes his mind and complies, reasoning that he is somewhat intelligent.

Money Bag finds a sign labeled "Nonexistent Avenue 15 Miles West," realizing he needs to get there. He sees an object with balloons, and gets the idea to use the balloons instead of walking by foot. He lets the balloons drift away accidentally. Upon falling to the floor, he realizes that he had been going in the wrong direction.

Thermometer threatens Thing to take him to the beginning. Thing obeys and brings him to the buzzer, being criticized by Magic Want. Then, Lampshade is seen looking around to make sure nobody is watching. Meanwhile, Candle uses his knowledge of the area to get back, saying that he will make it in 5 minutes.

Toilet Paper is lost and has no idea where to go, deciding on running in one direction and hoping he gets somewhere. Mug is then seen walking, blurting out that she doesn't care if she is UFE at this point. She stops to see Note standing and tries to sneak past him, but Note notices her presence, gretting her. Mug asks what he wants, and Note suggests that they work together. She declines. Note replies that he will follow her until she decides to work with him. Mug kicks him, not wanting to deal with the situation. Note then lands face down next to Thermometer, seeing the buzzer. Note believes that Mug's kick towards the beginning was a genuine show of kindness

Speech Bubble wanders around his area until he finds Smartie, who is impatient and wants a hint in order to be safe. Speech Bubble eavesdrops on the conversation. Thing gives her a hint and Smartie starts following the direction. Speech Bubble decides to start off in a different route as to not make Smartie think he is following her.

In the meantime, Medal attempts to press his button but Twig pushes him over, pressing his own buzzer. Medal furiously runs over to go press his buzzer, but Twig stands in the way. Upon being questioned, Twig explains that he cannot tolerate his behavior towards Toilet Paper, calling him rude. Medal disagrees and tells Twig to move out the way, ignoring Thing once being told to stop arguing. Medal pushes Twig to the side and manages to press his buzzer before anything else can happen. Medal tells Twig to mind his own business and stop insterting himself into situations that don't involve him.

Ruler warns Sharpener, remembering that there is a fork in the road in the area they are in. Sharpener realizes he knows which way to go through the path, and makes an excuse to split from Ruler, intending to only achieve victory for himself. Ruler believes him, walking onto the wrong path.

Candle remarks on himself taking a wrong turn. Speech Bubble runs past him and Candle decides to follow. Smartie notices both of them and speeds up to catch up to them. Sharpener presses the buzzer and Magic Wand loudly announces that there is one more spot left, Sharpener conveying his lack of remorse. Picture Frame points out that she sees Candle, Smartie, and Speech Bubble up ahead.

Racing at the same pace, Candle, Smartie, and Speech Bubble are all running to their buzzers. Candle gets distracted and trips when he hears a sudden noise. Money Bag is in the air and ends up falling near his buzzer. Money Bag begins celebrating his victory without pressing the buzzer. Medal asks Sharpener if they should tell him he needs to press the buzzer, but Sharpener refuses. Speech Bubble slaps Smartie away and presses his button, claiming the last spot of immunity. Before Magic Wand can speak, Smartie starts to complain. He then congratulates Speech Bubble for gaining the last spot of immunity for the challenge, and he tells Thing to teleport the contestants who lost back to Nonexistent Avenue.

Lampshade says that Candle and Toilet Paper will probably be voted out instead. Mug displays her discontentment with Note's safety and Ruler is hurt by Sharpener's betrayal. Money Bag is confused by his loss but is quickly informed of him forgetting to hit the buzzer.

Picture Frame is then seen walking towards Thing in the middle of the night, proposing a deal where she gives him advice in return for him helping her win challenges. He agrees and laments on how if Magic Wand were to find out, he would be in a lot of trouble.


Contestant Strategy Place
Picture Frame Got teleported near the beginning. 1st
Thermometer Threatened Thing to take him to the beginning. 2nd
Note Got kicked by Mug to the beginning. 3rd
Twig Navigated through the area by himself, pushing Medal over, guaranteeing a place above him. 4th
Medal Navigated through the area by himself. 5th
Sharpener Worked with Ruler until he reached a point wherein he knew the area and split off from him. 6th
Speech Bubble Followed Thing's directions that were given to Smartie and knocked Smartie over near the end.


Animators - Jordan The One, Spartan Dash, LegoboyNJ, Woah Central, Ying Yang, MegaBoyeMC, Daniel Rapitis, Oliver

Graphics - Jordan The One, Solarearwig, Jacknjellify, AnimationEpic

Audio Editors - Jordan The One, Spartan Dash, HHJ


Roles Voice Actors
Candle Papy Boi
Lampshade Ammolite
Medal Toon
Money Bag Globe
Mug Angelic Aimee
Note Jordan The One
Picture Frame Yeva
Ruler YoshiTails13
Sharpener StrawberrySoul
Smartie Bella114
Speech Bubble EvanFireHD
Thermometer 10pin8
Toilet Paper ToonTheWeirdo
Twig NightwingTQFTCC
Magic Wand HHJ
Thing Anomaly
Painting Painting



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