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"I don't care what you think. I will do whatever I want, whether it puts me up for elimination or not."

-Lampshade, Concealed Conundrums!

Lampshade is a female contestant competing on Ghastly Gadgets, Animatical Gadgets & the three Nonexistent Livings. She was voiced by AllMightyAmmolite, but is now voiced by AngelicAimee.


Lampshade is a green lampshade with shading on her back and a gradient inside of her.


Animatical Gadgets[]

  • Lampshade is now green.
  • Lampshade now has eyelashes.


  • Lampshade is now a darker shade of green.
  • Lampshade now has both shading and lighting.
  • Lampshade's eyelashes have been removed.


  • Lampshade is now a darker shade of green.
  • Lampshade's rig now once again contains eyelashes.
  • Lampshade loses her lighting.

NL 1[]

  • Lampshade's green is now more blue than yellow.
  • Lampshade's corners are rounded.
  • Lampshade now has interior shading.

NL 2[]

  • Lampshade's shading in her interior is linear.
  • Lampshade's green is slightly lighter.

NL 3[]

  • Lampshade's green is slightly darker.
  • Lampshade's shading now curves around her body.
  • The shading in Lampshade's interior is now a gradient.

NL 4[]

  • Lampshade's shading is once again linear.

GG 1[]

  • Lampshade now has a ridge above her interior.
  • Lampshade now has a pull-cord switch.


Lampshade has a tendency to quit challenges when she is tired. She is mostly confident that she won't get eliminated early, and thus feels as if she can do whatever she wants. She is very lazy and can often be seen sleeping. Lampshade is also very dismissive towards people, even her best friend Smartie, who seems to be the only person she harbors a meaningful relationship with.


  • She is currently voiced by Mug's original voice actress.
  • Lampshade was originally light indigo.