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"Backstabbing isn't my thing. I just want to be a genuine friend."

-Speech Bubble, Hue Drive Me Insane!

Speech Bubble is a male contestant competing on Nonexistent Living.


Speech Bubble is a blue text speech bubble. He has a tail on his side meant to represent who is talking in comics.


Speech Bubble is a kind person. He tries his best to make sure that the people around him keep themselves out of danger. In Concealed Conundrums, he warns Ruler about the dangers of the forest, and despite being ignored, still wants to be a good friend to him.

Despite his open heart, Speech Bubble can get angry when people are demonstrating their bad qualities. In Hue Drive Me Insane, Speech Bubble quickly becomes irritated when Magic Wand suggests waiting to deal with Ruler's disappearance and exhibits anger at Candle's egotistical behaviors.