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"I would take all of this to heart... If I could understand what half the words meant."

-Toilet Paper, Concealed Conundrums!

Toilet Paper is a male contestant competing on Nonexistent Living. He is currently voiced by ToonTheWeirdo.


Toilet Paper appears to be a standard roll of toilet paper, a common toiletry item used in the lavatory.


NL 2[]

  • Toilet Paper has lighter outlines.

NL 3[]

  • Toilet Paper has darker outlines. His tube and roll gain highlights and shading. A line of indentations appear across the top of his forehead.


Toilet Paper displays an arrogant and overconfident attitude, considering himself to be "the best competitor" and putting too much belief in his abilities. He frequently boasts about his victories and will often exaggerate the truth in order to paint a better image of himself.

Toilet Paper is not a very bright person, being unbothered by his enemies gained from his behavior and producing unconvincing lies when he fails at something. In "Find The Beginning!" he proposes a race with Medal, claiming that he went the wrong way upon losing. In the same episode, he turns down Thing's free hint, having his lack of intelligence directly play into his loss.


In "Find The Beginning!", Toilet Paper is first seen walking with Medal to Nonexistent Avenue, and, knowing it would get the both of them there faster, proposes him to a race. Despite giving himself a head start, Medal had won, causing him to claim that he "went the wrong way at first". Toilet Paper is then seen behind Mug, who commented "that [following Magic Wand] might be hard for Toilet Paper over there", to which he replied angrily that he was now doing fine on energy. After Thing had explained the challenge for the episode, Toilet Paper had thought it sounded super easy, though Thermometer had told him to say that after he lost. This causes Toilet Paper to insult him, though he only responded with sarcasm. His misunderstanding of the sarcasm causes Thermometer to call him an absolute moron. During the challenge, Toilet Paper was lost on where to go, and therefore decided to keep running in one direction, as "it was sure to bring him somewhere". After the challenge was finished, Candle claimed that he was "the best competitor on the show", to which Toilet Paper agreed himself to be as well. As he lost, he was up for elimination.

In "Concealed Conundrums!", he was the 2nd one safe at the elimination with 36 votes, followed by Money Bag at 37 votes. I don't know if this is true, but after the elimination, Toilet Paper is the first person to break the fourth wall by saying "And Strawberry, I would take all of this as an insult... if I couldn't understand what half of the words meant." I don't count Money Bag's one because he's not directly talking to Jacob. When the challenge of going through an invisible maze is announced, Toilet Paper is a bit cocky, telling them to "bring it on", then becoming slightly annoyed at Thermometer when he says "I'm going to enjoy seeing you fail." When the challenge is going on and Thermometer says he's about 2 minutes into the challenge, Toilet Paper walks past saying "And you said I was going to lose, huh? We'll see about that." Later, when we see him again, he's walking with Twig and asks why he hates Medal so much, but Twig asks him not to focus on stuff out of the challenge, and focus on the challenge.


Episode 1 - Find The Beginning![]

  • "Eh, it's fine. Just tell me how close we are."
  • "You know, it wouldn't take as long if we ran."
  • "Maybe."
  • "GO!"